Friday Feature: Hannah Somerville

This week features one of the newest members of our team, Hannah Somerville! Hannah joined Print.Save.Repeat. two months ago as the Marketing Communications Intern. She’s been working hard to bring you interesting content on the blog and social media.

Hannah just graduated from Mesa Community College as the Valedictorian! Her next steps involve transferring to ASU to complete her undergraduate degree in Technical Communications. She learned about Print.Save.Repeat. when she posted a message on her church’s bulletin asking for information on summer job opportunities that could evolve into a part time position during the school year. Our founder and CEO, Errol Berry, responded to her post and scheduled an interview. Hannah was hired on the spot and had her first day a week later!

One of Hannah’s favorite things about working for Print.Save.Repeat. is the people. “It’s hard to find a like-minded work community,” she acknowledges. She appreciates that everyone’s values, backgrounds, and perspectives are relatable. Many on the team have experienced being raised in church or being homeschooled. According to her, it really helps align our goals as a company.

The project Hannah has enjoyed the most is updating the Print.Save.Repeat. blog. She loves coming up with new content, organizing the current content, and showcasing the company in a way that has never been done before.

Hannah never thought she would work for a toner company, but she appreciates the skills she is learning while working in the marketing department, which can be applied anywhere. When asked what she would say to someone who is curious about working here, she said, “Definitely apply. If you want to work for a company who is goal oriented and focused on providing the highest quality; are willing to work with a team that is like-minded; and willing to learn and grow, then PSR will be great.”

Thanks for the interview and hard work, Hannah! And thanks to you, our readers! Learn more about our products and company by going to our homepage here.

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