Troubleshooting: Leaking / Streaking Toner Cartridge

Have a leaking or streaking toner cartridge? This is when your printer’s pages come out dirty, or the toner powder is scattered all over the inside of the printer. It’s an important problem to fix because if left unsolved, the loose toner powder can cause more damage than is necessary.

Check this quick troubleshooting guide to find out what’s causing the problem in your printer!

Things to check:

  • Toner cartridge
  • Component failure
  • Toner cartridges consist of over 50 moving parts that all must work together in order to create high quality printing jobs. If one or more of these parts aren’t working, it could easily leak toner into your printer.
  • Broken or damaged cartridge due to shipping or being dropped
  • Drum unit
  • End of life
  • This is dependant on the drum unit page yield and if it’s past or not
  • Component failure
  • This could be prevented by ensuring print jobs are done on the correct settings (i.e. print labels on labels, regular print on basic paper, etc.).
  • Also check your toner coverage rate; there’s a potential you could be printing on a higher setting than necessary, in turn wasting extra toner
  • All-in-one (drum unit & toner cartridge combined)
  • End of life
  • Check all-in-one page yield, and if you’re past or not.
  • Component failure
  • Double-check printer settings and toner coverage rate
  • Broken or damaged
  • See if it was damaged in transit, or if it was dropped while unpacked.

Have more questions? Reach out to us at 800.587.1173, we’d be happy to help!

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