MS Printer Models: Light Print Jobs

Is your printer printing light or faded print jobs? Check these quick troubleshooting guides first before hiring an expensive repairman or buying a new printer! On MS models your printer screen should indicate the issue.

Things to check:

  • Out of toner
  • Your printer should say “toner low” on the screen if this is the issue.
  • The rate at which you go through toner can greatly be affected by toner coverage rate, which dictates page yield. Learn more about toner coverage rates here.
  • Printer settings
  • Check your media type; if you’re trying to print labels on plain paper settings, it often results in light print. However, if you keep your media settings on “labels,” you can print a variety of papers without any worry.
    • Not sure how to change your media type settings? View our MS label tutorials here.
    • If it’s not your media type, double check your printer’s toner darkness settings. If it’s set to a lower setting, the likelihood of it printing lighter is fairly likely.
  • Component failure
  • Especially after a few years of heavy use, sometimes printer components can wear out. Check to see if you need to replace any of these:
    • Imaging drum
    • Toner cartridge
    • Maintenance kit
      • The maintenance kit may also cause smudging in addition to light print. Replace the fuser if this is the case.
      • We recommend NOT replacing the fuser or maintenance kit with these printer models, as the replacement is just as costly as purchasing a new printer: MS310, 312, 410, 415, 510, 610.

We hope this quick troubleshooting guide helped! Happy printing.

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