Friday Feature: Mary Brooks

Week 3 of our Friday Feature is here!

Meet Mary Brooks. She’s our Operations Manager here at Print.Save.Repeat and has worked with the company for 11 years now!

Mary originally started working for our company IdentiCo Label, and after the merge in 2011, began working with Print.Save.Repeat as well. Before joining with the PSR/IdentiCo team, Mary worked in Oregon as a network administrator. 

We asked Mary what her favorite thing about working here was. Her response was the teamwork and the fun atmosphere that can be found at Print.Save.Repeat.

Our next question was, “What 3 words would you use to describe our work culture?” Instead of providing 3 words, Mary gave us 3 phrases, which we find very fitting! “I would call it customer-focused; we strive to do the right thing; and we like to have fun while doing it,” Mary said. 

It’s always interesting to hear about some of the fun projects we’ve accomplished here, so we asked Mary what her favorite project has been in her 11 years of work. She said that at the beginning of the merge, working with the team to come up with a toner cartridge box design and the logo design for Print.Save.Repeat were her favorites.

We were curious why Mary has stayed with the company for so long, and her answer to the question was our absolute favorite: “Who would want to work anywhere else?!” She added, the freedom to be able to come up with an answer to a problem and have your ideas/suggestions heard was also a huge incentive.

Lastly, we asked what Mary would say to someone who was interested in applying to work here. Her advice is, “If you are ready to work, take initiative, and interested in manufacturing, you should definitely consider applying!”

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