Friday Feature: Errol Berry

For the next several weeks we’ll be doing a Friday Feature on each of our employees, to help you get to know our team here at Print.Save.Repeat!

This week’s feature focuses on our CEO and founder, Errol Berry. He started Print.Save.Repeat in 2011 because he saw an opportunity to provide high quality toner cartridges that were different from the generic, run-of-the-mill products on the market. Errol stated, “I wanted to provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality without the OEM cost and sell it direct to the consumer, eliminating the middleman.”

In addition to managing Print.Save.Repeat, Errol is also a family man with a wife and three young kids, and lives in Gilbert where he is an active member in his church. When asked how he’s able to juggle everything, he says that it’s very busy but incredibly fun and a great challenge. He adds that because he has a great team, it’s helped to not have to carry the weight of everything. However, in order to maintain such a supportive team, Errol says that they do tend to be slightly picky and selective with the staff they choose to bring on board.

We asked Errol, what’s your long-term vision for the company? His answer was short and simple: unique. Errol explained, he likes to play it day by day and always try to accomplish something every day while also looking for new opportunities. He believes that Print.Save.Repeat produces a really good product and is founded on a really good group of people who are on the same course and unified with the same mission. Errol says he’s truly thankful for his team, and every success is a team victory.

One of our closing questions was, what are three words that you would use to describe the work culture at Print.Save.Repeat? After some contemplation, Errol responded, “Enthusiastic, dedicated, and responsible.” We mentioned how rare it can be to find people of that stock in today’s world, and Errol agreed. He believes that the people he’s brought on staff come from high quality families and good upbringings, which has in turn produced high quality grown-up kids.

Lastly, we asked if Errol had an inspirational quotes he particularly sticks by. The one he chose was by Thomas A. Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” We think this is a good representative of the work ethic at Print.Save.Repeat.


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