The Big Six: Anatomy of a Toner Cartridge

It’s a simple concept: take whatever image or text is on a computer screen and put in on paper. Easy enough. But have you ever thought about how it all works beneath the humming of your printer? Surprisingly, printers are fairly sophisticated machines. It takes more than a container full of toner to turn your word document into a pack of personal birthday invitations.

The science behind laser printing is fascinating! Some toner cartridges have over 50 moving parts that all work together to keep your printer from fading, leaking, and jamming. Of all those components, six do most of the work. We call them, “The Big Six.” This graph highlights each of the components and their unique jobs.

Each one of these components must be properly reconditioned or replaced in order to produce a quality toner cartridge for our customers. At Print.Save.Repeat., we only use the best of the best, because a quality product comes from quality parts. Browse our selection of quality toners here!

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