Lexmark MS610: How to Set the Printer to Labels

In order for your toner and Lexmark MS610 printer to work well together, it’s important to make sure the media type is set correctly – especially when using thick material like labels and cardstock paper. If you’re printing on labels but your printer is still set to plain paper, you may start experiencing problems such as faint print, smudging, or leaking. In this post we’ve included a video and a step by step for you.

Related problems:
Toner not fusing on the page properly. Can be rubbed off of page.
Faded print.
Lower than expected page yield.

This video applies to:
Lexmark MS610de
Lexmark MS610dn
Lexmark MS610dte
Lexmark MS610dtn

Step by Step:
1. Press MENU button.
2. Select PAPER MENU.
4. Select the tray number type that hold your labels.
5. Select LABELS.

That’s it! Enjoy your labels.

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