How to Replace Your Dell S2830 Toner Cartridge

Replacing your Dell S2830 toner cartridge is easy! Just follow these four simple steps:

1. When facing the printer, open the front door of the printer by pressing the release button on the right side.
2. Gently pull to remove the blue handle of the toner cartridge. Be sure to pull straight back, not up and down or side to side.
3. To insert a new toner cartridge, align the blue arrows on the cartridge to the ones on the printer. Push the cartridge in and it will gently snap into place.
4. Close the printer door, and then the small screen will change to “busy” for a few seconds. After the screen status changes back to “ready,” you will be all set to print!

Shop our Dell S2830 toner cartridges and imaging drum! Have questions? Call us at 480-463-4548.

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