“Why Would Somebody Put a ‘Guarantee’ on a Box?”

Guarantees. If you’re selling, chances are you’re also making guarantees. 100% Guarantee or your money back! 30-day guarantee!

This is Klint, Marketing Director at Print.Save.Repeat. I can’t in good conscience join the fray and crowd of lip service guarantees to our products. Disclaimer: of course, Print. Save. Repeat products are guaranteed. But, I want to spread some insight into why I stress reliable performance and consistency as opposed to touting about how we guarantee our work.

Let me explain. Everything from sourcing high-grade components, deconstructing cartridge cores, cleaning out every little nook and cranny, rebuilding with new parts, and testing for every aspect of print quality, the ENTIRE process takes place in our facility which gives us total quality control. We are all about saving you money, but what’s the point of saving money with a remanfuctured toner cartridge that works terribly? Why can’t you have a quality product at a fair price? You deserve better.

How I feel about “The Manufacturer’s Guarantee” is perfectly expressed by the great Chris Farley in Tommy Boy (caution: some language):

We’re not just selling a guarantee. You deserve a product that’s every bit as reliable as the originals. That, and maybe a nice weekend in the Bahamas. With all the money you’re saving with Print.Save.Repeat, you can now afford it!

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