Lexmark T650: Toner Coverage Rates

Earlier this week, we posted about how to find the amount of pages your toner cartridge has printed in your Lexmark T650 laser printer. We mentioned how page yield ratings are like MPG ratings in vehicles; your actual gas mileage varies depending on the driving conditions.

One of the key conditions that affect page yield in toner cartridges is the toner coverage rate, which is the average percentage of the page that is covered in toner per print job. Page yield ratings are based on a 5% toner coverage rate. If your print jobs average 6-7% toner coverage, then a 10,000 page yield toner cartridge will most likely yield significantly less (around 7,000 to 8,000 pages).

This video applies to Lexmark models:
T650, T650n, T650dn, T650dtn, T652n, T652dn, T652dtn, T654n, T654dn, T654dtn, T656dne, TS652dn, TS654dn, TS656dne

To find out what your printer’s average toner coverage rate is, watch this video:

If you need any help, we’re happy to provide free support at 800.587.1173!

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